“Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” ― Bob Marley

I was going to start with something Shakespearean and memorable, but then, those who know me best in this world would have laughed pretty hard.

In the next couple-three months, I’ll be publishing three books through Smashwords.

The first one (“A Spell in the Country“) was written way back in the ’90s, on a dare. The second one (“Casting in Stone“) is technically a prequel, but I prefer to write stand-alones, so fear not! You can read them in any order (and believe me, there are a few more novels in this vein, collecting under the general title of “The Averraine Cycle“). These are straight-ahead, sword-and-sorcery stories. They are the books I keep wishing someone else would write so I could read them.

But number three: ah, there’s the kicker.

Flashbacks (an unreliable memoir of the ’60s)” is a collection of pieces about what it was like to come of age in the middle of one of the most turbulent, joyful and exciting periods in recent history.

I’m most proud of this one because it has been a real journey for me: revelatory, illuminating, painful and a kind of celebration of what a truly fun life I have always been a part of – even when I couldn’t see it for how much a gift it was.

And I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the progress. There are a few more books to come.


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