And the books are a go!

The books have passed the formatting/autovetting stages! (Thank you to the great folks at Ebooklaunch because you were terrific!)

You can pre-order all three titles, although it might take a couple of days for it to be listed anywhere except

These are the platforms that Smashwords distributes on:
Apple iBooks; Barnes & Noble; Kobo; OverDrive; Scribd; Oyster; flipkart; WH Smith; Aldiko; ‘textr; Baker and Taylor / Blio; axis360; Page Foundry; and (of course)direct from Smashwords.
Some of these (in Alberta, OverDrive) are specifically library systems, so feel free to bug them to order more ebooks!
Smashwords is getting more distribution outlets on board all the time, too.
When sales of any individual book hits $2000, it will also be distributed through Amazon! (So tell your friends to buy some books!)

Some Links to buy my books (and other people’s books too, yeah, I support that):
Baker&Taylor Blio
Apple iBooks
All works published on Smashwords can be downloaded for Safari, Kindle (MOBI), KOBO, EPUB, PDF and RTF.


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