This is not a whine.

I’m not looking for sympathy, or charity in the form of pity-sales, but the books aren’t doing too well, and I am looking for answers.
One person has said that the fact that they need to join Smashwords was probably the problem, and, although I am sceptical (don’t you have to sign up with everything on line nowadays?) if that’s true, I’d like to know, so I can work to resolve that. The books are available through places like Kobo and Barnes&Noble and iBooks as well, but not through Kindle/Amazon. You can download them in a Kindle format, though.
Is it that it is summer and people are busy doing outdoor things, and not reading?

Is it that I am really a crappy writer?
I really need to know, so if you have an opinion or a suggestion, please don’t hesitate, don’t sugarcoat it: tell me what the problem is.


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