Well, I am sloooooooowly getting healthy again.

What happened was that I went off to Gimli, Manitoba, happy as a lark, and prepared to Viking my little heart out (The Vikings of Vinland is a re-enactment thing I do, demo-ing period crafts and explaining about how the Norse lived – we build a quite smashing little tent-village and cook period food, do period things and sell period stuff…).

We rolled onto the site around 11pm on Wednesday night, and I grabbed some gear and rolled into the Jarl’s spare tent and went to sleep.

Woke up with the flu. Slept most of Thursday and parts of Friday, gathered my strength and toughed out Saturday, Sunday and Monday, got up at 6am and packed my tent (My tent is wonderful.) and climbed in the car, still managing to be fairly human for the thirteen hour drive back.

Dragged all my gear back into the house and crashed bigtime. Got a lot sicker, and it’s been a slow road back. I still have a nasty cough, and in some ways, the drugs made it worse, are still making it worse, because while I have some stuff that does suppress the cough, it makes my head so woolly and swimmy that I feel sicker than I am.

But it is beginning to get more reasonable, and I am starting to think about the next book.


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