Another review…and wow!

I feel pretty amazed and grateful for this one:

Review by: Giovanna Fregni on Aug. 25, 2015 :
I gave up on reading fantasy for years because I was tired of the same old plots being used over and over again. So when I started to read A Spell in the Country, I had fairly low expectations. I was wrong on all accounts. The author has an original and wonderfully complex plot, and she knows her stuff. The book isn’t populated by the usual lone knights or warriors off doing their own thing. No, the main character is part of a troop and lives life as part of a military unit. Life in the barracks and swordplay are both well written, giving the reader both fast paced action and time for reflection. And that time for reflection is good, considering the plot twists. Oh, and when someone gets hurt, they heal in real time. That’s actually refreshing compared to books in which broken ribs are forgotten after a couple pages because the protagonist needs to be in the action again. Sure it’s a fantasy novel, but a little reality goes a long way.

The author has also transcended the Strong Female Character that other authors tend to use to make a point. The protagonist is strong, believable, and it’s irrelevant that she’s female. She, along with a cast of well-developed characters and an intricate plot kept me engaged and wanting more. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants a good, original story that maintains a high standard of writing through to the end.


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