The weirdness of self-publishing

Okay, so perhaps I have misread the bulk of the self-publishing community.

A week ago, I was approached to do a review swap and agreed. The book I was asked to review was in a category I don’t normally read, but I tried to be as openminded and as generous as I could be. I talked about where the book succeeded, and didn’t dwell on where it failed for me, which was fair, because it failed for me in the writing *style*. Not the writing: it was serviceable and gloriously free of typos and maladroit phrasing, but it just didn’t ignite any fires for me.

I gave it a four-star rating.

The person I exchanged with (who has yet to write a review of my book, and possibly I can kiss that goodbye) just PM’d me to complain. She wanted a five-star rating.

I said I’d been trying to be honest, without being negative. That it was a good book for its type, but just didn’t make me stand up and salute.

This was her response:

“I’m only interested in 5 star reviews to keep the average high for when other reviews come in.”

She has asked me to delete this review, which I guess I will…but is that what is happening in the world of self-publishing? Is that what we are? Just a bunch of pathetic egos rattling around on the ether?

Well, I won’t play that game. If you hate my books and feel the need to tell the world – I won’t stop you.

I’m in this for the long haul, and I don’t need the phonies to prop up my self-esteem.


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