writing 7

There comes a point in every novel where you know what’s gone before (and it’s good, maybe not perfect, but good, you can live with it) and you know what comes next (and it has to, the plot has to move forward to the climax and resolution – and that’s fine, you know how to do that)….but the transition between where the characters are now and getting them to where they need to be is just so damned impossible.

It isn’t even “writer’s block” which implies a lack of ideas. It’s more like “writer’s paralysis” because you feel as though anything you could put there is going to turn into the biggest train wreck since Adam took a bite of forbidden fruit.

Literally, this little interlude between discovering the identity of a traitor and getting a few people onto a boat and going sailing into danger and doom is causing more angst that the entire 50,000+ words that came before this.


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