From the “Why Would You Ever?” file…

Apparently, people lie about the books they’ve read.

It seems ridiculous (and when I went through the list of books people apparently claim to have read I found only two that I really had not read: Anna Karenina and Fifty Shades of Tripe but I don’t lie about it) because the only person missing out when you do this is you, as a reader…someone’s bound to catch you out on it, anyway.

What they found was that people who have seen a movie or TV adaptation often say they’ve read the book. Maybe they say that so they can intone those sonorous words “The book was better…”

Or maybe they actually believe they have read the book. I paused on “Great Expectations”, because it was so long ago that it was pretty hard to be sure, until I remembered discussing it with my mom, afterwards. She wasn’t a big fan of Dickens, and we argued, which is why I’m pretty certain I did read it.

Anyway, I started to wonder if someday maybe people would lie about reading my books.

And then it occurred to me that perhaps they already do.


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