Please feed the animals

I joined the Twitterverse today.

Everyone says you kind of have to, and I get it: name recognition is important. Someday, somewhere, someone will be scrolling through Amazon Fantasy titles and see my name and think “Hey, I follow her on Twitter and she’s not a total idiot!” and then maybe 1% of the people who do that and think that will actually buy a book.

That’s how the reasoning goes, anyway.

I am not so sure that really works, or, even if it does work, that it will make a real difference. Right now, most of the people following me are my Facebook friends who are already well aware that I write. They see those occasional (well, hopefully, they read them as “occasional”) posts about the books: where you can buy them what they are about, and where you can see reviews about them.

Of course, if I say something about the books and someone retweets that, and someone who follows them decides to check them out…

Sometimes it feels as though I live in a vast echo-chamber and all I hear are my own dreams and desires bouncing back at me.

And then, like the other day, a complete stranger, unconnected to anyone I know, buys, reads and REVIEWS one of my books.

You cannot imagine the dizzying delight when that happens.

I’m just going to go bask in the reflected sunlight now. See you later.


2 thoughts on “Please feed the animals

  1. If it’s any comfort, I feel the same echo-chamber syndrome and wonder if there is anybody out there who actually listens or even hears, far less cares. And then, like you, the occasional, unexpected review blows me away. But I can’t bring myself to twitter or tweet or whatchumaycallit. I barely have the patience for facebook and wonder whether a log cabin in the forest with bears for neighbours would be preferable…


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