Small Victories


I had a bump in sales last week, due to someone putting “Casting in Stone” onto the Hugo ballot.


Now – in case you think I have delusions of grandeur – I’m well aware that any book published in a sci-fi or fantasy genre in 2015, no matter how awful, could be put on the Hugo list, and that I won’t survive the first cull.


It was a little bit of an ego boost (Hey! Somebody liked my book!) and a hook to hang some PR onto.  A lot of people seemed to have responded and shared the Facebook post about it. Now all I need to do is figure out how to capitalize on this increased name-recognition.


It was nice, but fleeting. Since that little flurry – a flurry that seems to have reached several thousand people but netted less than 0.01% of that in sales – “Casting in Stone” has dropped back into the ocean of eBooks without a ripple.


This is how it goes. I’m used to the cycle. And yet…


It’s crazy to attach too much onto this, but human nature being what it is, I can’t help but hope that it’s the start of something.







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