Going to print in 3…2…1…

writing 3


I’ve been trying to format my books for print release on Amazon for weeks now, because so many of you say that you like actual books instead of eBooks.

I think you might, once you see the difference in pricing, want to rethink your bias.

I used to say it, too, you know. “There’s nothing like a real book.” “I love the smell, the feel, the experience.”

I get it.

But when I got a tablet and someone (James Cyr, actually) loaded me up with a ton of stuff on the eReader that was already on the gizmo, and I whiled away a two-hour delay in an airport in Ethiopia without missing a beat, not to mention surviving three really long, transAtlantic flights – and still didn’t need to have checked luggage – I got used to it, you know?

It’s like anything else: familiarity can breed contempt, sure – but it can also breed comfort. We like old music when it comes on the radio. Those songs we hated in our teens start sounding all right. We’re used to them, now.

Reading on your tablet can become as familiar and natural as anything else. I scroll through Facebook posts on my tablet – that’s reading, isn’t it? And, while at the start, I hated the tiny delay as I “turned” the “pages” on an eBook, now I hardly notice it. It’s become ingrained and instinctive.

But I still love books. I’m looking forward to seeing my books as tangible objects.

I just don’t think I’m going to love the hit my bank account is going to take.


I don’t think you’ll love the hit yours will take, either.


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