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Welcome, Newland Moon. For those of you who don’t know, Ms. Moon is the author of Rites of Heirdron, a new science-fantasy romance novel that is a front-runner for Amazon’s Kindle Scout publishing program. She’s agreed to answer some questions, as well as give us a wee excerpt from her novel, so buckle up, folks – here we go:

  1. What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

The title of my latest novel is Rites of Heirdron. It’s a compilation of many different influences and genres. I’ve always had a love of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Rites of Heirdron allowed me to combine those loves and add an impassioned romantic element.

2. What are you working on now?

I’m currently finishing the succeeding novel for Rites of Heirdron. It wasn’t a planned book. However, everyone who read the first book kept asking about a second. There’s more to explore, so, I decided to see where Zrahnz and Melanie would lead me.

  1. For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?

Rites of Heirdron is categorized as a sci-fi fantasy erotic romance. However, my deeper love of epic fantasy led the way. My characters are multidimensional, flawed, and relatable. Some parts will enrage you while others will tug at your heartstrings.

The plot is layered and well developed with several twists that may surprise many. I love to add those tiny elements throughout to keep the reader guessing and turning pages.

The romantic element is also throughout. It doesn’t consume the plot, but it is interwoven, yet not overly so. The romance is crucial, but it is only a part of the larger concept.

It’s my hope that I have delivered a well-balanced novel that will satisfy the reader. Rites of Heirdron is a compelling tale of love, honor, betrayal, abhorrence, heartbreak, healing, and love. In addition, it all takes place in the magnificent Ahmezurhran Galaxy.

4. What is your favorite part of being an author?

I love creating new worlds, new species, and new languages.

  1. What are the hardest and easiest parts about being a writer?

The hardest part is finding the time to sit down and write. I keep notepads with me at all times and use my phone as well.

The easiest part is when you have that rhythm and it all just flows. It’s a wonderful feeling.

6. What genre do you place your book in?

Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance

  1. Anything else you’d like to tell your readers?

Yes! Rites of Heirdron was accepted by Kindle Scout for a possible publishing contract. It is an exciting time and I am both humbled and honored. If I may, I would like to invite your readers to visit my page and read an excerpt. If they enjoy Rites of Heirdron, I hope that they will click the “nominate me” button. If I receive a contract, they will receive a FREE advanced copy of Rites of Heirdron!

8. Any links you’d like me to post?

Yes. Please.

Do you have an excerpt or two of Rites of Heirdron?

Chapter one excerpt:

“What you have done to poison this world will not take the life from me. I will heal this planet and save my people.”

He spoke the words and tried desperately to believe them. The pains he suffered were excruciating and the injections and herbs were no longer easing them. He knew this to be tied into the Galactic Coalition’s attack upon Triaxeyn. His mind was such a muddle, some cycles, he thought himself going mad. Even the sex had grown more painful.

“I’ll have need of Melanie,” he said, taking another deep breath.

He shook his head again in an effort to clear his thoughts. He had to focus on Triaxeyn and his people. His illness was infinitesimal compared to that of his planet. Yet, he knew not how to save either.

“Your people have gathered, my Prince.” A deep voice sounded from behind him.

Zrahnz smiled wistfully and lowered his head. “My people, Raydren?”

“My Prince?”

He turned to face him. Q-1 Raydren was the eldest member of the guard and the one person that he truly trusted. He had been more than his mother’s personal guard; he had been like a father to him. Throughout his childhood and even now, he felt a comfort with his presence and knew he cared for him as well. Never did Raydren allow his position to prevent him from providing honest counsel. And that was something the Prince sorely needed.

“When my grandfather ruled Triaxeyn, there were hundreds of thousands of denizens. We were a proud people, though the Galactic Coalition tried to hinder our efforts for growth. When Grandfather died, everything changed. Already the Council had turned their backs on us, but why would they attempt to annihilate our people? Why do we die and the Kaylohrians thrive?”

Raydren nodded and leaned his ceremonial spear against the wall. He motioned to the overstuffed chairs and took a seat opposite the Prince. He understood his anger and trepidation.  He had lost most of his family due to the workings of the Council and still many were sick and infirm.

“Your grandfather was an honorable and strong leader. He was feared and respected by many members of the Galactic Coalition. When he acquiesced to the wishes of the Spirit Council, he did so for the betterment of Triaxeyn. Though the Great Masters of our temple advised against it, King Aoran saw no alternative. He couldn’t have known of the betrayal that would follow.” He placed a hand on Zrahnz’s shoulder.

“Once your mother was returned to Triaxeyn, a pall covered our planet. That’s what truly took the life from him. He loved your mother, and loved you as well. Your grandfather felt the guilt of disallowing your mother her Prince, and the devastation of the Galactic Coalition’s rejection.

“I completed the trials to earn the Rites of Bond for your mother. Our connection was evident and your grandfather knew the same.”

Zrahnz’s head snapped up and his eyes narrowed as he looked at him. “You? You loved my mother?”

“Yes, then and now. But our bond wasn’t allowed. After the Council learned of the pact, she was no longer able to wed. I’ve remained at her side from that day to this, and will do so until the Spirit Wielders beckon me to them.”

“Did—did she love you as well?”

“She cares for me within the confines of her position, nothing more.”

When Zrahnz appeared about to speak, Raydren stood and continued.

“The Kaylohrians aren’t greater than we are. In all ways that matter, they’re much less. It was by their manipulations that our queen was shamed and labeled a Shriahti.

“It was by their manipulations that the Galactic Coalition turned their backs on us. Their king and queen were heralded as true and honorable leaders when they presented their second born before them as if he were the first.

“The priests offered blessings over that debauchery and labeled it the Rites of Heirdron.” He picked up his spear and faced Zrahnz again.

“You are no kahtdrol, my Prince. You are Zrahnz Uleryn, son of Alyahna and grandson of the great King Aoran Uleryn. You are the true leader of this world; your bloodline is pure and unmolested. Regardless of the mendacities told by those of the Council, that truth remains. The Galactic Coalition doesn’t recognize Triaxeyn as anything but a nuisance. Had they their way, we would’ve been destroyed beside our sister planet, Orenz.

“We’ve been denied a place at their table and the protection of their fleet.” Raydren walked forward and locked eyes with him.

“Why then do we abide by the rulings that they foist upon us?”

Zrahnz’s brow furrowed as he digested the truth within his words. When his eyes widened, Raydren nodded.

“Your people await you, my Prince.”




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