It’s interesting, how kids draw.

My nephew is four. He’s been drawing people for about a year now, and the drawings are changing. It’s partly because he’s gotten more motor control, but it’s also partly that his perception of the world is changing, and you can chart what he sees as important by how the drawings have changed.

The people used to be mainly heads with eyes and feet.

Now they have bodies, although they are smaller than the heads. They have legs and arms, and they have hair – sort of squiggly, razor-cut, only-on-the-very-top-of-the-head hair, but it is hair.

And they have wide smiles and big, googly, eyes with irises in them. No noses, yet.

They are hilarious and sweet and they tell a story about how he sees the world and what he thinks is important about the humans he shares the planet with.

He sees those people in a wholly unique way.


And I think that writers are the same: they tell their stories and you can trace the ways in which they see the world by what they put into those stories.

And what they leave out.


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