Looking for Readers – no strings attached

Just what the headline says.


I want to expand my readership, and I know (because everyone and their dog tells me this) that “word of mouth” is the best advertising.

So here’s an offer: if you’re a fantasy fan, contact me here:


with a message.

And I’ll hook you up with an epic fantasy novel. For free.

I am not asking for reviews — although I sure would love it if you reviewed it on Goodreads, or your blog, or whatever.

I’m not saying that in return for a free eBook, you have to praise me and urge your friends to buy it — I am hoping that if you do enjoy it, you will want more, and therefore tell your friends about it, on social media or (even better) in actual face to face conversation.

But you don’t have to. I’m going to give you a gift, and all you need to do is message me. I won’t put you on some annoying E-newsletter list, or harass you in any way: I will send you a code that will allow you to download a copy of “A Spell in the Country” and then anything else will be up to you.

And in case you are still wondering if this will be worth the trouble: Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly had to say about this novel:

“This digital reissue of an excellent 1999 fantasy in Smith’s Averraine Cycle stars Keridwen of Orliegh, youngest child of a minor house in the kingdom of Keraine. While seeking her fortune, Keri enters into military service with Lord Uln, who then turns traitor to his prince, Tirais. After the rebellion’s defeat and Uln’s flight, Keri is spared and sent to Penvarron, a posting for the kingdom’s misfit soldiers, where she earns the respect of her comrades. Together with the rest of the garrison, she interrupts a ritual by evil Camrhyssi priests who have infiltrated Penvarron’s ancient tower, where mystical forces still linger. Keridwen then finds herself in the company of powerful figures, including the very prince who pardoned her, trying to discover where foul magic may strike next. Though the mythologies differ, this feels much like Lois Bujold’s novels set in the World of the Five Gods. Keridwen is a wonderful protagonist to follow: a skilled soldier with something of a stubborn streak and a keen eye but no great powers. Smith’s terrific storytelling and worldbuilding will thrill fantasy fans. (BookLife)”   http://booklife.com/pwreview/213616


I don’t see how you can possibly lose, as a fantasy fan.

And just think: if I go large, you’ll be able to say “I knew her when…”



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