Over here at the Help desk…

Indie writers  complain too much.


I know, I know. But it’s true.

We whine that we aren’t selling “enough”, that ads don’t work, that giveaways do but no, they don’t, not the way we want them to. We complain that good cover art costs too much, we complain about three star reviews, we bitch at our editors, we angst over small word counts.

And really, we need to stop.

Time was, none of this could happen for most  of us – not at all, not ever.

Time was, you couldn’t publish a book unless you had one of two things.

Either you had the incredible good fortune to land an actual book contract with an actual publisher – this had (still has) the same odds as being struck by lightning while whistling nineteen-thirties show tunes in a minor key; OR you had enough money to finance the thousands of dollars needed for a vanity publishing of your memoir about being a dog-clipper in Butte, Montana.

Now, anyone can publish a book. Not just eBooks – you can have a Print on Demand service create an actual physical book, and it doesn’t cost you a dime other than a discounted copy or six for your mom.

You can make your own cover – although you should not.

You can skip the editing process – although you should not.

The book doesn’t have to be trendy. It doesn’t need to be ripped from the headlines, or come with a CD or a recipe for piroshki by Zsa-Zsa Gabor.

It doesn’t even have to be any good – you can just put it out there. Possibly no one will buy it, and possibly it will get awful reviews (and even good books will share these fates) but you can put it out there.

Traditionally published books – well, a lot of those authors sell very few copies, and lots more get mean-spirited reviews, too – and those authors won the equivalent of a once-a-century tontine/lottery with really arcane entry rules, so what exactly are we complaining about?

Do I wish I could write better and faster? Yup.

Do I wish I could stop making continuity errors and typos? Yes, indeedy.

Do I long for brilliant and unique, eye-catching cover art for under $50 a pop? You betcha.

Do I dream of six-figure sales numbers and topping the Amazon bestseller list? Oh, honey, I do, I do!


But considering that I have published three books now, with an initial outlay of less than $200USD and have made that money back plus some – I cannot complain.

And neither can you.




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