Bad Boys

This link came across my feed:

and like any good writer, my mind leapt across the obvious and into some other territory.

I said to myself:

This actually speaks to why women do sometimes fall for “bad boys”

Because – contrary to what all you self-styled “nice guys” think – they are frequently reeeally smart and articulate.

Ain’t nothin’ sexier than that.


That’s why romance novels sell.

That’s why “nice” doesn’t.

That’s why, even in fantasy novels, as in every genre, the “love interest” tends not to be Prince Charming – but the villain often is.

It’s often, especially these days, the sweetly overprotective and outwardly obsequious character who turns out to be the dark nemesis – the wolf in sheep’s clothing*, if you will – in fiction.

It’s that nice person, the one who listens, the one who claims to be “there” for the protagonist, who turns out to be the truly dangerous one.

And that is at least partially because women have started writing in absolute droves – and self-publishing has made it not merely possible, but inevitable, that their voices have been heard, and influenced the mainstream of narrative fiction.

This is their experience: that the duplitiousness of the self-styled “nice guy” has been their eventual backstabbing rumor-monger, their abuser, their rapist. Their killer.

And it is their experience, too, that the “bad boy” often has more sensitivity and awareness of them as unique individuals than the false friend who listens only as a way to achieve sex with someone that they do not actually know as one human to another.

This is the reality for many, many women.

And when writing, even/maybe more so, reality is everything.



  • Note: all “fairy tales” were once a way to teach life lessons. Make of that what you will.



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